Common Misconceptions About CBD Gum

Owing to its associations with traditional cannabis, CBD gum has been long misunderstood in many ways, with people rendering it a negative product with negative effects. However, this could not be more wrong. In a bid to respond to these misconceptions and educate you on the facts behind CBD gum, we have busted these common myths about CBD gum in four simple points.

1. That You Can Get High Using CBD Gum

One of the biggest misconceptions about CBD gum is that it can make you high, but this is not true. In fact, many misconceive CBD to be the same as THC, which is a different cannabinoid from the same plant, but that can provide a high. However, CBD gum that is legally sold in the UK will not have high enough concentrations of THC to invoke a high, so there are no psychoactive effects of CBD gum at all, unlike marijuana which has TBH within it. For this reason, CBD gum can not cause you to get high.

2. That CBD Gum Is Illegal

Many people also confuse CBD-based products with cannabis, causing them to believe that CBD gum is illegal. However, CBD gum is legal in the UK so long as the retailer is registered and permitted by the Home Office, or the CBD product is being sold as a health supplement of some kind. The reason for legalisation is that the psychoactive component is not present in CBD gum, so it cannot be regulated in the same way as other drugs and is allowed to be sold under EU and UK law.

3. That You Can Become Addicted To CBD Gum

Some people also assume that CBD is just as addictive as cannabis is. However, there is no evidence to yet suggest that CBD is addictive when it does not have THC present. This is because it is widely believed that it is the THC which causes addiction as this triggers a release of dopamine which causes the brain’s reward pathways to be activated, making it crave the sensation again and again.

Again, this misconception is constructed on the misconception that recreational cannabis and CBD gum are the same thing, when in reality they are so different that one is illegal whilst another is readily available for purchase.

4. All CBD Products Can Only Be Prescribed By Doctors

It is also commonly believed that CBD products can only be accessed via your GP, but this is also untrue. In fact, you can purchase any CBD products, including CBD gum either online or in store from a reputable and registered retailer. Not only is it available to buy, but it is also becoming increasingly popular for retailers to sell, meaning it will only become easier to get your hands on.

5. CBD Gum Is Bad For Your Health

Finally, there is the misconception that CBD gum is bad for your health, when in fact, it boasts numerous health benefits instead. These include but are not limited to improving mood and reducing anxiety, relieving pain and improving oral health. With plenty of benefits and very few side effects, it is fair to say that CBD gum might actually be good for your health, not bad at all!

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