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Top 5 vaping myths and how to debunk these

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Here we are again and this time around we would like to discuss some of the most outrageous and eccentric myths which go around about vaping, in the hope that one day they will totally disappear. While some of these may surprise you, indeed there are still many people who do believe these and that’s exactly why it’s so important to do our best to make these disappear.

With vaping you are inhaling formaldehyde

This may sound very strange but the formaldehyde myth has grown out to become a real urban legend in the circles of some anti-smoking and anti-vaping groups. This myth can be thanked to a cancelled study, where they tested vaping but they forgot about imitating real time weather conditions and that’s why the machines which were set to simulate vaping got to the point of getting a so-called dry hit. This is absolutely unreal and that’s what made this study to be completely botched later on, however somehow the legend remained and goes through the grapevine every now and then, when the topic of vaping comes up.

The e-liquid contains anti-freeze

This may sound as funny as it gets but this exact myth has a little bit of an explanation, although it’s based on a common misunderstanding by those who are not familiar with chemicals. One elements of e-liquid is called propylene glycol. This ingredient has medicinal benefits therefore it’s also being used in asthmatic inhalers all around the world. Now, what happened is, that someone confused this chemical with diethylene glycol which is in fact used in anti-freeze. E-liquid makers would never put such chemical in any of their products. This myth is based on a fiasco that happened a few years back with e-cigarettes (which users are unable to fill or charge), out of which a big load coming from China actually contained diethylene glycol. That’s also why you should stick with vaping and not using e-cigarettes and always read the list of ingredients.

You will get a popcorn lung due to vaping

This isn’t really a myth because vapers such as real cigarettes do contain the chemical called diacetyl, which can cause popcorn lung. But as multiple studies have since shown and proved the diacetyl level in e-liquids (especially the buttery or custard flavoured ones) is so low, that it cannot even be mentioned with the diacetyl levels contained by cigarette smoke or buttered popcorns.


Nicotine causes cancer

This is one of the best myths to debunk but it is true. It is in fact not the nicotine that’s cancerous in cigarettes or in e-liquids which contain pharmaceutical nicotine. This chemical has no direct links to cancer at all.

Vapers are a gateway to smoking for kids and teens

This is something only a very scared illogical parent can come up with and it’s a total myth because the contrary is true. Most teenagers do still start their smoking experimenting with cigarettes and then, vaping is used by them to actually quit smoking for later on.

We hope you liked this article and could learn a lot about some of the most interesting vaping myths.