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How to switch from smoking to vaping: the smart way

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Breaking an addiction or a serious habit is very challenging. Don’t believe anyone who says it isn’t. Unfortunately many of us have an addition we would like to break free from. This time around we are here to serve you with a couple of handy ideas on how to start quitting smoking the smart way. While switching to vaping is basically only switching of addictions, vaping is still way healthier and it’s much more accepted than smoking will ever be. So, let’s get started!

Either go cold turkey right-away or start very slow and switch to vaping

The thing with stopping something you like doing or addicted to doing is the fact, that while you are fully aware that the habit is bad for you, there is something so final in thinking about stopping it, that makes you scared and you will do the exact opposite: literally overdose on cigarettes. While going cold turkey is built on shock therapy and works for a couple of people, the large majority of us are not too keen on shocks and prefer the slower approach. Switch cigarettes to vaping gradually but doing a step by step. This may take many months, but finally if you end up smoking just one or two proper cigarettes and have a balanced vaping habit, then you can say that you are basically ready to cut off smoking in favour of vaping without any stress.

Strengthen yourself and join a vaping community

There are lots of vaping communities all across the internet and most of them are people who used to smoke before. Ask their advice and get inspiration from them, to try new flavours, to experiment with your vaper and its performance and go to meetings, share your experiences and you will see how much easier it will become to vape instead of smoking.

Check out all the flavours and choose your favourite ones

One cool thing about vaping is all the hundreds of flavours, weird, traditional or simply fruity which you can experiment with. Many vapers eventually end up buying from an independent e-liquid maker who is also experimenting with all the flavours which exist in this world. You may not like them all, but they will still greatly help you find fun in vaping.

Try both e-cigarettes and vaping pens

While they often considered to be the same, they are in fact very different. While e-cigarette is more like a proper cigarette but it’s dispensable, vaping pen is a device which can have lots of setting options which e-cigarettes lack. Try them both and see which fits you better. While eventually most people will choose vapers, because of their higher smoke level and choices in settings, some people always stay with e-cigs instead.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Don’t try to switch in a day or a week. If you can first switch from smoking 2-3 real cigarettes to vaping, that’s already a big deal.