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Advanced vaping kits new terms trends and other interesting facts

advance vaping kit

Here we are again, this time around we would like to introduce you to the world of advanced vaping and some weird terms and communities which we can find here. First of all, there is no real difference between someone who just started with vaping and those who vape for a long while now. The act is the same. You inhale and exhale the vapour. And that should be it. But there are always some geeks, fans and other enthusiastic people who want to take things a bit too far. That’s the world of Mods and AVPs. This is where you see devices you can’t even imagine how others can possibly use for vaping. And that’s exactly where advanced vaping begins. Let’s get more familiar with this weird community.

What is the main goal of advanced vapers?

Basically if some reach the point where a normal vaping kit doesn’t do, then they decide to dive in and seek ways on how to gain even more flavour, reach a better battery life and a higher performance out of their devices. Many reach the point to manually start updating their machines. As vaping community is open for new things, they soon started to come out with machines that have a higher number of functions calling these AVPs or advanced personal vaporizers and an open system machine specifically for geeks which they can take to parts and further hack them. Nowadays, AVPs and Mods mean quite the same.

More in depth on the development of Mods

The first Mods came out more than 10 years ago, but were mainly advertised within the vaping community as way better alternate to the poor quality e-cigarette products which left many vapers unsatisfied. Therefore the “modders” were a subculture who were working on developed vaping kits. It can be largely thanked for them, that today, there is an ever growing market properly producing AVPs which users can now buy all-ready.

The hunt for the “Holy Grail of vape”

These above mentioned “modders” continuously look for what they call the “perfect vape” which is something that’s of course nearly impossible to achieve. There are several mod communities which are specifically about this topic: how to achieve the best vape ever. In terms of flavour, strength, performance, battery life.

What’s dripping?

This is a new trend within advanced vaping communities, who call themselves “drippers”. This means a new way of achieving the perfect flavour. This new way consists of direct dripping and then vaping. One can only reach this with highly customized vaporizers whereas users can drip the e-liquid directly into the atomizer then vape it right away without letting it go the standard way (through the cartridge). The drawback of this method is, that it cannot be done anywhere else than a steady place. Therefore this dripping atomizers cannot be carried around.

We hope you liked this journey into the world of advanced vaping. All in all vaping is all the same, if you want to develop the smart way, ask advice in any vaping store or from a trusted resource online.